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After reviewing four of our favourite indie cafes for families in the Stockport area, it’s clear there are some excellent options to discover. Each cafe profiled has its own unique vibe and menu that caters well to parents and kids alike.

Based on my visits with my own family of four, as well as feedback from other local parents, here is a quick recap of the standout picks in key categories:

And before anyone points it out, we have taken some creative freedom in our definition of Stockport, so you may find the odd cafe from Poynton or Wilmslow in this list!

Best for Food: Juniper Cafe, Bramhall

📍 5 Woodford Road, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire SK7 1AH

The Family Scoop

At Juniper, families can indulge in an internationally inspired menu catered to various diets, from vegetarian, vegan and halal. Gluten-free? Non-dairy? They’ve got you covered!

The cafe ensures inclusivity with its ground-floor location providing easy disabled access but also space for prams.

Juniper - one of the Best Cafes for Families

Juniper is a small local chain of cafes found in Bramhall, Wilmslow and Hale but our pick of the three has to be the cafe in Bramhall.

Kiddo Favourites – What’s Sizzling at Juniper

The guys working there have been there for years and cannot do enough to make you feel welcome – regardless of whether you’re a regular or first time customer. The food they serve up is much more than you may expect from a ‘normal cafe’, but never are you made to feel awkward or uncomfortable when there with kids. We also love the range of food on offer for the children. It’s much more than your standard kids menu that you may expect when eating out! The food is always served promptly, which is great meaning little tummies don’t start rumbling!

Parent Pause – Any Downsides at Juniper

The guys at Juniper have spent a fortune in recent years firstly, upgrading the original cafe, but then more recently expanding into the adjacent former Santander Bank. However, especially at lunchtime, you can feel a little squeezed in.

Insider Tip

There is another cafe nearby called Juniper in Chorlton. We love it there and will be writing about that in the future!

Best for Ambiance: Funky Monkey Coffee Company

📍 175 Bramhall Lane, Stockport SK2 6JA

The Family Scoop

Funky Monkey is the epitome of shabby chic. Wander through the front doors and you’re immediately hit by the laidback vibes which immediately puts you at ease! In fact, “Nick” has left a tremendous comment which sums it up much better than we ever could on our dedicated post to Funky Monkey stating:

Kiddo Favourites – What’s Sizzling at Funky Monkey

Breakfasts, cakes and sweat treats, Funky Monkey’s has it all! On top of that they’ve got a great range of toys to play with including duplo, games, books and soft toys with a huge array of Monkeys (unsurprisingly) located throughout the cafe!

Parent Pause – Any Downsides at Funky Monkey

None at all. The staff go out of their way to help you and will tailor their dishes to your needs whilst the great array of toys give the kids lots of activities to keep them occupied.

Insider Tip

For anyone with a healthy appetite, check out the Godzilla Breakfast. The hash browns are simply divine!

Best Activities for Kids: Notcutts Garden Centre Cafe

📍Notcutts Garden Centre-Woodford Park. Chester Road Stockport, SK7 1QS.

The Family Scoop

Perhaps not an obvious cafe that comes to mind, but we often head to Notcutts Garden Centre, just to go to the cafe. In terms of food, be it savoury or sweet, you will not be disappointed. Their adults and child menus are decent and are regularly changed throughout the seasons. The cafe and restaurant are spacious and you don’t feel packed in on top of each other, also giving you plenty of space for pushchairs and highchairs at tables.

Kiddo Favourites – What’s Sizzling at Notcutts

Aside from the food, you have all the added benefits of a garden centre which can prove helpful if the kids are restless. They have a little pet section with bunnies, guinea pigs and hamsters along with a guinea pig corner. If you ask one of the members of staff, you will be allowed to go in and cuddle and hold a guinea pig. On top of that the garden centre lets children play in their garden play area. Notcutts also sells a decent range of ice cream from the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm to take away with you.

Parent Pause – Any Downsides at Notcutts

The wait!

Despite being well staffed, if you go and there’s more than about 10 tables of customers, be prepared to wait. Regardless of day or time, when it’s a little busy, unfortunately you will wait for your food. We have tried to work out what the issue is, perhaps the kitchen is too small (although it was expanded recently)? At the same time, the staff serving seem very busy. It really does make us scratch our heads.

Insider Tip

Make sure you discover the hidden bug trail located around the pond. Accessible from the cafe, use one of the doors leading out from the cafe to the garden and see what creepy crawlies you can discover!

Best for Cakes: The Bake House, Great Moor

📍287 Buxton Road, Great Moor, Stockport, SK2 7NR

The Family Scoop

This is a huge family favourite, and not just for us, but for a lot of families we know. Not the largest of cafes on the list, but definitely one of the best when it comes to food and cake. Perhaps a ‘more cafe and less brasserie’ than for instance Bramhall, that doesn’t matter when the food is served. Determined to use local suppliers, they sauce their meat from HG Beard Butchers in Bramhall, their cheese and dairy from Dunster’s Farm in Bury and their bread and pastries comes from Thatchers Bakery in Stockport.

The Bake House, Great Moor is Great for Families if you're after a cake!

Kiddo Favourites – What’s Sizzling at the Bake House

We need to be honest here. We’ve never eaten a meal here and when you see the cakes on offer, you’ll understand why! This is definitely the kind of place that you want to come if you need to fix your sweet tooth, be it one of their luxurious hot chocolates, or a slice of cake. Having said that, we have seen their savoury food served up and it certainly looks on point as well.

Parent Pause – Any Downsides at The Bake House?

The only real downside is completely outside of their control and is the relative lack of parking nearby. With no meaningful car park in the immediate vicinity, you’ll need to cross your fingers and toes that you can get a space on the road. This can be more challenging around school pick up and drop offs with parents from nearby schools heading to the cafe.

Insider Tip

Try the carrot cake if they have it on sale when you visit! It’s absolutely divine.

Best in Central Stockport: Rosie’s Coffee House

📍93-95 Princes Street, Stockport SK1 1RW

The Family Scoop

Changing tack and heading into Stockport town centre is Rosie’s Coffee House and Kitchen. Much like The Bake House, Rosie’s leans more towards a bakery than a brasserie, unlike Juniper in Bramhall, so set your expectations high for cakes such as a Chocolate Creme Egg Cake and Cherry Bakewell. Again, we’ve never had a savoury meal here, so couldn’t comment on the food, but it always looks superb!

Looking for the Best Cafes for Families in Stockport? Check out Rosie's Coffee and Kitchen!

Kiddo Favourites – What’s Sizzling at Rosie’s

Cakes! Cakes! and Cakes! Both Mila and Sam start dribbling when we’re in Stockport and we mention going to Rosie’s!

Parent Pause – Any Downsides at Rosie’s

The only downside is how popular it is and you may struggle to find a table!

Insider Tip

I’d almost go so far as to suggest ensuring you don’t have any lunch before going to Rosie’s because afterwards, you will not want to move!

Hungry for More? Share Your Cafe Finds!

We hope this listicle has your family revved up and ready to explore the tastiest local cafes around Stockport. But the fun doesn’t have to stop here!

What hidden gem cafes have you discovered in Stockport or the surrounding areas? Do you have a go-to spot for cakes, kid-friendly dining, or casual brunching that we missed? Make sure to hit us up on Facebook and Instagram and share your favourite indie cafe haunts.

Tag us @letsgomcr and use #StockportCafes so we can check out your recommendations. Together, the lets go Manchester community can create the ultimate family-tested guide to indie cafes in Stockport. With your help, we’ll never run out of cozy, kid-approved places to sip, savour, and gather around good food!

So what are you waiting for? Drop that cafe name in the comments! Let’s showcase the best of Stockport’s food scene, one delicious cafe at a time. We can’t wait to see – and sample – your top cafe picks.

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