Pick Your Own Fruit Farms: Discover the Joy of Harvest Near Manchester (2024)

In the heart of Northwest England, surrounded by the lush countryside of Cheshire, Lancashire, and Merseyside, lies an adventure for families seeking to connect with nature and indulge in the freshest fruits of the season. Whether you’re a local or visiting, the experience of pick your own fruit farms – straight from the plant – is not only a delight but a journey into the essence of summer.

Perhaps it brings back childhood nostalgia for both myself feeding baby lambs on the Dorset fields or tending to Marnie’s aunt’s hens and pigs in the fields. We love getting out to our local farms and letting the kids see how their food ends up on the table! Not only that, but pick your own fruit farms also often let you get fruit and veg you can’t routinely find in the supermarkets!

And farms across the region provide opportunities throughout the year, be it pick your own fruit farms, Christmas tree farms or pumpkin picking for Halloween.

So here’s our round up review of some of the best pick your own fruit (and vegetable farms) across the region!

From the sprawling fields of Kenyon Hall Farm in Warrington to the historic orchards of Claremont Farm on the Wirral, each destination offers a unique glimpse into the agricultural heritage of the region, making them perfect for family outings.

Kenyon Hall Pick Your Own Fruit Farm, Warrington (Cheshire)

Where: Kenyon Hall, Winwick Lane, Croft, Warrington, WA3 7ED

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 9am – 5pm. Fruit picking available from June 2024

A haven for fruit enthusiasts, offering a vast selection of strawberries, raspberries, and more. The farm invites you to immerse in its beauty from June to October, with activities and a farm shop to explore. Tickets are a passport to a world of vibrant berries, with prices starting from £4.95, which includes parking, field entry, and a punnet of strawberries.

But Kenyon Hall Farm isn’t just a destination for picking your own fruit during the summer months! There’s activities on throughout the year – a sunflower trail and maize maze, pumpkin picking in the Autumn, winter welly walks and a fantastic cafe stocked with flapjacks and all other kinds of delights!

Poynton Fruit Farm, Poynton (Cheshire)

Where: Coppice Road, Poynton, SK12 1SW

Opening Times: Not yet released for 2024, but fruit picking available from June 2024

Known for its sustainable practices, this pick your own fruit farm offers a bounty of strawberries, raspberries, and other seasonal delights. Open from mid-June to July, with no booking required, the farm charges by the punnet, making it a straightforward adventure for all.

Poynton Pick Your Own Fruit Farm is currently closed until June 2024, but the prices for the 2023 season were as below. As soon as we find out more, we’ll let you know what the prices are for this year!

  • Strawberries: £5 per punnet, offering the perfect blend of sweetness and juiciness for those summer treats.
  • Raspberries: £9 per punnet, ripe and ready for picking, these berries add a burst of flavor to any dish.
  • Black Currants & Red Currants: £7 per punnet, ideal for jams, jellies, or a refreshing snack.
  • Gooseberries: £7 per punnet, their unique flavor is perfect for pies and desserts.
  • Rhubarb: 20p per stick, versatile for both sweet and savory culinary creations.

Claremont Farm, The Wirral (Merseyside)

Where: Claremont Farm Pick Your Own, Old Clatterbridge Road, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 4JB

Opening Times: Daily 9am – 5pm for the farm shop and cafe, although the dates are not yet released for fruit picking

Strawberries at Claremont Farm

With over 40 years of pick-your-own tradition, Claremont Farm opens its fields in June and July for a berry-picking experience that’s rich in history and flavour. Entry includes a 1kg punnet for £4.50, with the farm also hosting a café and shop for a complete day out. What’s more, is that children under 2 go free and under 16s cost £2.50 and can pick a 500g punnet; whilst adult entry costs £4.50 and you can pick a 1kg punnet.

Top Tip: The Pick Your Own Field is not at the Farm Shop! To get to the field you need to go past the farm shop, over the motorway bridge and car park & field is on the left. From previous experience, it is well signed for the car park and then head on past the shed, onto the grass, all the way to the end, where you will see the Gazebo & be able to pick up your punnets

Woore Pick Your Own Fruit Farm, Crewe (Cheshire)

Where: Newcastle Rd, Woore, Crewe, CW3 9RE

When: 2024 dates not yet announced for this pick your own fruit farm

Nestled in a picturesque landscape, the farm offers a bountiful pick-your-own experience with a wide array of fruits and vegetables available from May through September.

Apples at pick your own Woore Fruit Farm

The season begins with strawberries in July, followed by raspberries, a colourful assortment of black, red, and white currants, and tangy gooseberries. As August arrives, the selection expands to include succulent blackberries, tayberries, crisp apples, and juicy plums.

Offering a vegetable patch as well you can pick runner beans, onions, beetroot, and carrots, ripe for picking. Enhance your visit by relaxing in their picnic areas or enjoying a day of fishing. Also available is the Strawberry Tea Room and shop, inviting you to savour the flavours of freshly picked produce and indulge in the tranquility of the farm.

Greenbank Farm, Carnforth (Lancashire)

Where: Greenbank Farm, Over Kellet, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA6 1BS

When: 10am – 4pm in season (last entrance at 3.30pm). The PYO is open every year during the soft fruit season for about 6 weeks usually from the end of June. The first day of the season in 2023 was 1 July 2023 and the last day was 11 August 2023.

Greenbank Farm prides itself on being expert cultivators of fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables, offering you the chance to pick produce straight from the plant for the ultimate in freshness for over three decades! Spend a delightful day in the stunning Lancashire countryside, hand-picking your own fruit and savouring a cup of tea at the snack bar.

Slightly different to a number of the other providers, Greenbank Farm offers free entry to their farm, you only pay for the produce you gather.

Raspberries at pick your own Greenbank Farm

Top Tip: Please be aware that Greenbank Farm doesn’t accept debit or credit cards, so make sure you take cash! The team will also harvest your selections for you to collect during your visit if picking your own isn’t your preference.

Tips for a Memorable Pick Your Own Experience:

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes suitable for the outdoors.
  • Bring sunscreen and hats to protect against the summer sun.
  • Check each farm’s website or social media pages for the latest updates on fruit availability and opening hours.
  • Engage with the farmers to learn more about the fruits and the best picking techniques.

Why Pick Your Own?

Picking your own fruit isn’t just an activity; it’s an experience that brings families together, educates children on where their food comes from, and supports local farmers. It’s about making memories, enjoying the outdoors, and taking home the freshest, most delicious fruits you can find.

So, grab your baskets and set out for a day of fun, learning, and indulgence at these family-friendly fruit farms near Manchester. Whether it’s the juicy burst of a freshly picked strawberry or the tart sweetness of a raspberry, the flavours of summer are waiting for you to discover them.

picking season for fruit and vegetables

Certainly! An engaging conclusion can wrap up the guide and leave readers excited about their upcoming adventures at pick-your-own fruit farms. Here’s a conclusion that ties everything together:

So Get Down to Your Nearest Pick Your Own Fruit Farm!

As the sun warms the rich soil of Northwest England and the countryside bursts into a palette of colours, the invitation to explore and indulge at our local pick your own fruit farms becomes an irresistible call to adventure. These farms offer more than just the opportunity to pick the freshest fruits; they are gateways to creating lasting memories, understanding the cycle of nature, and fostering a deeper connection with the land that sustains us.

Whether you’re weaving through the vibrant rows of berry bushes at Kenyon Hall Farm, savouring the historical ambiance of Claremont Farm, or discovering the diverse offerings of Greenbank Farm, each visit promises a unique blend of joy, learning, and the sweet taste of summer. And while the act of picking your own fruit is a simple one, its impact is profound—supporting local farmers, engaging with the community, and nurturing a love for the natural world in the hearts of young and old alike.

So, pack your sunscreen, don your hats, and set forth into the lush landscapes that await. The farms of Cheshire, Lancashire, and Merseyside are not just destinations but experiences, ripe with the flavours of summer and the promise of a day well spent. Whether you’re a seasoned picker or setting out for your first harvest, the fields are open, the fruit is ripe, and the adventure is yours for the taking. Here’s to a season of joy, discovery, and baskets brimming with the freshest fruits you can find.

So get down to your nearest pick your own fruit farm and happy picking!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Pick-Your-Own Fruit Farms

Q1: What should I bring to a pick-your-own fruit farm?

  • A: It’s recommended to bring comfortable footwear, suitable outdoor clothing, sunscreen, and hats to protect against the sun. While most farms provide containers for picking, you may also want to bring your own bags to carry the fruits home.

Q2: Can I eat fruit directly from the plant while picking?

  • A: Policies vary by farm, but generally, tasting a few berries as you pick is part of the experience. However, it’s important to follow each farm’s guidelines and respect their rules regarding eating before purchasing.

Q3: Are pick-your-own fruit farms pet-friendly?

  • A: Most farms do not allow pets in the picking areas due to health and safety regulations. It’s always best to check the farm’s policy beforehand if you’re considering bringing a pet.

Q4: What types of payment do farms accept?

  • A: Payment options can vary. While many farms accept cash and credit cards, some may only accept cash. It’s advisable to check the farm’s accepted payment methods in advance, especially for smaller, family-run operations.

Q5: How are the fruits priced at pick-your-own farms?

  • A: Fruits are typically priced by weight, with prices clearly posted at the farm. Some farms may sell fruits by the container size. Prices can vary based on the type of fruit and market conditions.

Q6: Are the farms accessible for those with mobility issues?

  • A: Accessibility varies. Some farms may have flat, easily navigable paths, while others might be more challenging. Contact the farm directly or check their website for information on accessibility.

Q7: Can children pick fruit on their own?

  • A: Yes, children are encouraged to participate in fruit picking. It’s a great way for them to learn about where their food comes from. Farms often have areas that are easily accessible for children, but supervision is recommended to ensure they safely enjoy the activity.

Q8: Is fruit picking available all year round?

  • A: Fruit picking is seasonal, with availability depending on the type of fruit and the farm’s location. The peak season for most berries is summer, typically from June to August. Some farms offer other activities or pick-your-own opportunities for different produce throughout the year.

Q9: Do I need to book in advance?

  • A: Booking policies differ from farm to farm. Some require advance booking, especially during peak seasons or for large groups, while others welcome walk-ins. Checking the farm’s website or contacting them directly for their current policy is recommended.

Q10: What happens if it rains?

  • A: Picking can often continue in light rain, so it’s advisable to dress appropriately. However, during heavy rain or storms, farms may temporarily close for safety reasons. Always check the weather and the farm’s social media pages or website for updates before your visit.


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