Manchester United Women vs Manchester City Women: A 6 year old’s choice!

Mila, my 6-year-old daughter has football in her veins, unlike her father! Whilst I’ve always been more into rugby, she’s developed a keen interest in football. She has been playing football since she was three with Little Kickers. Since then her enthusiasm has grown thanks to England Women winning the Euros in 2022 and reaching the World Cup in 2023. But now she needs a club team. Growing up in Manchester, the question now really is: Stockport County or Rochdale? I’m joking of course! Will it be Manchester United Women or Manchester City Women?

Time for some thorough research!

The Premier League Legacy

Manchester United Women: A History, Manchester City Women: The Newcomers

Every sport has clubs that boast of history and tradition. In women’s football, Manchester United Women have been around since 1977, making them pioneers in the English women’s football scene.

Manchester City Women, on the other hand, established their team in 1988, but only really become established as a professional team in 2013, riding on the success of their men’s team. While they’ve made their mark in a short time.

Manchester City Women score against Manchester United Women

However, although Manchester United Women’s team have been around since 1977, there have been periods of time when United’s team haven’t even existed – especially following the Glazers’ takeover in the early 2000s. Indeed, it has only really been since 2018 have United had an official team!

Result: 0-0 draw.

Recent Achievements

Manchester City Women Shine

If you’re chasing glory, Manchester City Women are the talk of the town. With 6 major domestic cups since 2016, including consecutive FA Cups, they’ve set a remarkable standard. Manchester United Women on the other hand, only have the 2018-19 Championship title to show for their recent efforts.

In the Women’s Super League performance, while the City women have consistently secured top 4 positions, the United Women have not crossed the 4th place since their entry in 2019.

Advantage: 2-1 to Manchester City Women for their gleaming trophy cabinet.

Star Players

Both Clubs Home to International Icons

The clash of the titans – Manchester United Women vs Manchester City Women – is also a showcase of global talent. While my daughter is a fan of the England team, her admiration extends to players worldwide.

With Manchester City Women having stars like Norwegian defender Julie Blakstad, Spain’s Leila Ouahabi, and Jamaica’s Khadija Shaw, Manchester United Women counter with Canadian sensation Jayde Riviere, Spain’s Lucía García, and England’s own, Mary Earps.

Manchester United Women

Draw: Both teams are star-studded.

Fan Engagement

Manchester United Women Lead in Numbers

A sport is nothing without its fans. The thrill and energy of a rugby crowd is what I know, and I hope football can match that.

Manchester United Women have shown their historic charm, peaking at 30,136 in the 2022 match against Aston Villa. Manchester City Women, recorded a peak of 44,259 in their home game in December 2022 against Manchester United Women.

Advantage: Manchester City Women for the roaring crowds.


Weighing glory against history in the battle of Manchester United Women vs Manchester City Women, the score stands:

Manchester United Women: 0 Manchester City Women: 2

Manchester United Women or Manchester City Women

While Manchester United Women have seen recent triumphs, the historic charm and passionate fanbase of Manchester City Women steal the show in this match up. The electrifying atmosphere during the women’s Manchester Derby at the Etihad last year was the clincher.

Is it decided then? Will it be Manchester City Women? Who knows, perhaps we’ll need to check out a match?! Or perhaps it needs a few more comparisons with other teams to see how they’re doing! And what are your thoughts? Who would your choice be between Manchester United Women or Manchester City Women?

Or perhaps, I’ll take her to the AJ Bell Stadium, and try to get her interested in rugby


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