Long Can Hall is the Ultimate Gem Worth Every Visit (2023 Review)

If you’ve been following our family adventures, you’ll know that we recently visited Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax. We stayed in the nearby Travelodge, which was absolutely the best option for accommodation. The one downside being that it didn’t have a restaurant! We therefore found ourselves googling for a good family friendly option to eat on Sunday evening. And to our fortune, we stumbled upon the Long Can Hall Pub, just outside Halifax.

We love exploring new places, especially those that promise a fun-filled day for the kids. Our recent trip to Halifax was no exception. From the interactive wonders at Eureka! The Children’s Museum to a delightful meal at the historic ‘Long Can Hall’ pub, this day was packed with memories. Let’s dive right in!

Exploring the Interactive Magic of Eureka! The Children’s Museum

Just a short drive from Manchester, Eureka! The National Children’s Museum is nestled right in the heart of Halifax. As soon as we walked through the front doors, the vibrant, energetic ambiance was palpable. The museum is very spacious and well-lit, with high ceilings and colourful exhibits filling the rooms. It was buzzing with curious little explorers!

Ceiling beams of the Long Can Hall Pub

We easily spent 5 hours making our way through the museum’s many interactive sections, and the kids were enthralled the entire time. With so many hands-on activities, Eureka! is perfect for curious young minds. The exhibits really spark creativity and imagination.

We had decided to make a weekend of it and so booked in at short notice to the local Travelodge which is our top pick for accommodation near to Eureka. However, it doesn’t have any facilities for food. We were therefore looking for a traditional pub with good food, ideally in the countryside and through some lucky googling, found the Long Can Hall Pub.

Map of Long Can Hall Pub

Lunch at the Historic ‘Long Can Hall’ Pub

📍 12 Ovenden Wood Rd, Halifax, HX2 0TQ

After spending our day at the museum and then Piece Hall in Halifax. We were ready for a good meal. So we headed over to the Long Can Hall pub, located a short drive away in Fountainhead. It was August bank holiday and we had no idea how busy it would be – it’s ranked in the top 10 pubs in Halifax, so we booked ahead for 5.30pm!

Parking? Not an issue! They’ve got a spacious parking area right at the front. However, if you’re like me and not used to Yorkshire’s winding and hilly roads, you may well have had a good adrenaline burst on your drive over!

Captivating Ceiling Beams

Stepping inside, the weight of history is palpable. The place has been standing tall since 1637! It’s like walking into a bygone era, especially with those captivating ceiling beams – legend has it that they were from ancient galleon ships! And if you’re visiting during the colder months, their authentic log fire will wrap you up in a warm, enchanting embrace.

Family Friendly? Absolutely!

Their menu boasts heartwarming homemade pub delicacies. If you ever swing by on a Sunday, don’t even think about skipping their famed roast dinner. However, given that we were in Yorkshire, we felt that we couldn’t go without trying the stuffed Yorkshire Pud. This was on the Starters and when we spoke to the waitress, she said we could easily have it resized as a main and served up with some veg. In fact, they didn’t charge us anything extra

This was what was served! An incredible amount of really nicely cooked veg – carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli alongside the Yorkshire pudding that was stuffed with gravy along with ‘bigs in blankets.

Yorkshire Pud and veg from the Long Can Hall Pub

The kids opted for the kids menu with Mila going for fish and chips and Sam chicken nuggets. However, what we were really impressed with was the fact that the pub would happily cook meals off the adults main as a reduced portion for kids. More places should do this!

What we loved in particular, was that although the pub was busy, neither the customers nor the staff gave off the vibe that kids are a nuisance or shouldn’t be there! Much like one of our other foodie favourites – Alty Market.

And What About Dogs?

Dog owners, here’s the scoop: while pups aren’t allowed in the main dining area, they’ve thought of a splendid solution. A vast beer garden with sprawling valley views is the perfect spot for you and your furry friend to kick back and relish in the great outdoors.

The Staff of ‘Long Can Hall’ Make It!

What really made our visit stand out, though, was the warmth and welcoming nature of the staff. All of the waiting staff could not do more to help and assist and each served with a genuine smile with warmth

So, if you’re around Halifax, don’t miss out on this gem. We’ll definitely be back, and who knows, maybe we’ll bump into you there! Cheers!

Tips for Dining at Long Can Hall:

  • Opt for an early dinner if possible – we arrived by 5.15PM on Sunday and had no wait for a table. By 5.45PM there was quite a crowd.
  • While not mandatory, reservations are recommended on weekends to secure a table.
  • Kid-approved menu items include the fish fingers and chicken nuggets.
  • If you have room at the end of the meal – which I would be amazed at! Make sure you opt for the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Custard! It was amazing!

More Halifax Attractions to Explore

While the Museum and Long Can Hall pub were the anchor events of our family day out in Halifax, we did have a little time to briefly explore a couple other area attractions:

  • Halifax Piece Hall – This beautifully restored historic trading hall now houses open-air markets, shops, restaurants, and even outdoor concerts and events. We enjoyed strolling around.
  • Ogden Water Country Park – Just 15 minutes outside Halifax, this park offers lovely walking trails around two reservoirs. We took a short nature hike and the kids had fun bird watching.

With its blend of interactive museums, kid-friendly dining, and nature, Halifax proved to be a delightful destination for a family weekend away from Manchester. Have your own stories from Halifax? Drop them in the comments below – we’d love to hear readers’ experiences!


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