La Chouquette Poynton: Grab a Slice of Paris with their Decadent Delights (2024)

Perhaps you’re familiar with La Chouquette Bakery in Didsbury, South Manchester. The artisanal bakery that opened its doors on Wilmslow Road in December 2020. Well, such has been their success that on 5 December 2023, they opened a second branch in the Cheshire village of Poynton, on the southern edges of Stockport. We decided to check out La Chouquette Poynton, at Christmas, and this is what we found!

What Is La Chouquette Bakery?

La Chouquette’s journey began during lockdown. Founded by baking enthusiasts Mairead Deignan and Florent Verove. Their dedication to using fresh, French ingredients and crafting everything on-site has contributed to the bakery’s rapid growth and popularity.

The original bakery was opened in Didsbury in December 2020 and has emerged to become a charming and vibrant culinary gem with long queues snaking out the door.

This artisan bakery, named after a delightful French viennoiserie, embodies the spirit of French baking with a local touch. The exterior, adorned in royal blue, evokes the elegance of Parisian streets, inviting passersby to explore the array of heavenly baked goods within.

La Chouquette is renowned for its exceptional pistachio croissants, incredible sourdough, delicious lemon meringue and everything in between – if you’re lucky, you may even discover a flapjack.

The pistachio croissants are one of La Chouquette Poynton's specialities

The bakery boasts an extensive menu that includes cinnamon buns, cardamom buns, cherry crème brûlée, and a variety of exquisite bread like olive sourdough, bacon and cheese, and tomato and basil focaccia, alongside an assortment of sourdough pizzas and beautiful cakes.

The artistry of La Chouquette’s cakes and tarts is a sight to behold, reflecting the finesse and flair of French baking. Notable among these is the raspberry and vanilla cake with a raspberry financier base, a testament to the bakery’s commitment to authentic French flavours.

la chouquette bakery

And to make things even better. Everything (apart from the sourdough – which is made at the Didsbury bakery), is baked on site!

So What Are Our Favourites?

If you’re reading this and it’s not Christmas, that’s a shame! Because one of our most favourite treats are the mince pies! If it is December, then you’re in luck, get down to the bakery now!

If not, don’t worry! You will not be running out of choice soon!

The lemon meringue is seriously delicious! As is the raspberry and coconut mousse / cheesecake. The kids love the cookies, the Mille Feuille, the Chocolate and Praline slice!

Seriously, just go and have whatever takes your (French) fancy! You won’t be disappointed!

Where Is La Chouquette Poynton?

On a cold, wet and windy day, we struggled to find it and we know Poynton well! Firstly, don’t assume that it’s on the main Poynton high street!

It also didn’t help that when we visited, you couldn’t find the bakery on google maps either, however it is now on there (albeit, it’s still a little hidden away if coming along Bulkley Road). So what’s the address?

📌 47 Clumber Road, Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire, SK12 1NW

How To Get There

We’re assuming you’re coming from the main high street and driving towards Waitrose, in the direction of Upper Poynton and Pott Shrigley!

As you approach the Waitrose car park entrance you’ll spot Bulkley Road opposite it on your right. Turn down Bulkely Road and drive approximately 150m down the road. You’ll get to a hairpin bend with Clumber Road and La Chouquette Poynton, is there on the corner.

Top Tip: If you do come from Bulkely Road, the bakery is a little hidden back and it’s easy enough to miss – we did the first time we went there!

la chouquette poynton

Is There Parking at La Chouquette Poynton?

Yes – although it’s limited situated immediately outside the bakery!

There is limited on site parking nearby. Alternatively, you get 2 hours free parking at Waitrose and it’s just a few minutes walk from the supermarket to La Chouquette Bakery.

Is There Seating?

No, La Chouquette Poynton, has no seating. This is somewhere to go to get take out, not to eat out!

What Are the Opening Hours?

The opening hours are really easy to remember! The bakery is open Tuesday – Sunday 7am – 4pm!

So it’s open early enough for you to stop off on your way to work to pick up a delicious savoury treat for lunch.

So Come and Discover La Chouquette’s Delights

La Chouquette Poynton is a delightful addition to the culinary landscape of the Cheshire village, bringing with it the authentic charm and flavours of French baking.

Whether you’re a local resident or just passing through, a visit to this quaint artisan bakery promises an indulgent experience. From its famed pistachio croissants to the seasonal delights and an ever-evolving menu, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

Despite the lack of seating and the slightly hidden location, the quality and variety of baked goods make it well worth the visit.

La Chouquette Poynton isn’t just a bakery; it’s a destination where the passion for baking and quality ingredients creates unforgettable taste experiences, encapsulating the essence of French patisserie right in the heart of Poynton.


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