Is English Heritage Membership Worth It in 2024? 100%…Yes

In the quest for cultural enrichment and historical exploration, many families grapple with the question of whether an English Heritage membership worth it in 2024.

Amid the huge number of of leisure options both free and costing money, competing for our attention and wallets, understanding the true value of an English Heritage Membership involves peeling back layers of cost, accessibility, and, most importantly, the enrichment it offers beyond mere entertainment. With a keen eye on addressing these very concerns, this article aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for families looking to navigate the many benefits associated with English Heritage membership.

We have been members of English Heritage for the last year and and we truly believe that an English Heritage membership is worth it, but we’ll dissect the many aspects of the membership, from cost-effectiveness to the breadth of experiences it unlocks.

If you’re reading this article, it’s possible that you’re already considering taking out a membership already. So, whether your family are history buffs seeking to immerse yourselves in England’s storied past, or a family looking for educational outings that both entertain and inform, our exploration is tailored to meet your needs.

And it is drawn upon our experiences! Engaging with the nuanced debate of value versus cost, we promise insights that cater to the eclectic interests of our audience, ensuring you make an informed decision about renewing or initiating your English Heritage membership in 2024.

What is English Heritage Membership?

An English Heritage Membership offers an exceptional opportunity for individuals and families to explore and enjoy over 400 of England’s most significant historical sites. This membership, managed by the national charity English Heritage, provides free access to a wide range of historic monuments, palaces, castles, abbeys, industrial sites, and more, including notable locations like Dover Castle and Hadrian’s Wall.

With roots dating back to 1882, English Heritage has evolved to protect and promote England’s rich historical tapestry. Members contribute to the conservation and accessibility of these sites, ensuring they remain available for future generations to appreciate. The organisation boasts nearly 1.2 million members.

Cost of Membership

One way of assessing whether English Heritage Membership is worth it is to look at the cost. So let’s talk numbers!

is english heritage membership worth it

At the time of writing, it is possible to get the following memberships paid either through one total charge or through a monthly direct debit:

  • Individual Adult (£69 per year / £5.75 per month)
  • Joint Membership (£120 per year / £10 per month) – two adults aged 18+ living at the same address
  • Joint Senior Membership (£96 per year / £8 per month
  • Family one adult (£69 per year / £5.950 per month) – one adult and and 5 children or grandchildren
  • Family two adults (£120 per year / £10 per month) – two adults (aged 18+) living at the same address and up to 12 kids.

There is also a lifetime membership, however we’re assuming most families won’t be considering that – we certainly aren’t and so won’t be discussing that in this article.

So How Many Sites Do you Need to Visit?

From a purely transactional point of view therefore, how many of the local sites do you need to visit in a year to ‘break even’, or even ‘make a profit’?

is english heritage worth it

We’ve certainly got a great range of properties around Manchester. Beeston Castle for instance will set you back £28.50 for a family to visit if you’re not a member. This accounts for just under 25% of the annual membership!

On top of that you have many sites across Cheshire, Staffordshire, Lancashire. Throw in Hadrians Wall for a further £23.50 and Stonehenge for £72.50 and you will easily cover the cost of your annual membership.

Benefits of English Heritage Membership

Membership includes several benefits beyond free site entry.

Members receive an English Heritage handbook, free or discounted entry to hundreds of events, free parking at English Heritage sites, a subscription to a members’ magazine and e-newsletter, exclusive events, and free admission for up to six children per adult member.

Additionally, members enjoy free or discounted access to associated attractions across the UK, including sites managed by CADW in Wales, Historic Scotland, OPW in Ireland, and Manx Heritage on the Isle of Man.

Spur of the Moment Days Out

But on top of that, along with our National Trust and RHS Memberships (both of which we also highly recommend), our view is that once you’ve signed up for these kinds of memberships, although there is an initial up front cost.

You can just go to one of these sites on the spur of the moment, without worrying whether you’re too far from payday to be able to afford it. Or even you can just stop off at a site on a long haul drive – we’ve used English Heritage sites many a time as a more fun and educational service station – Hailes Abbey in Gloucester is an absolute god send!

Varied Events Guaranteed

Aside from the obvious attractions of the property you’re visiting each of the properties regularly has varied events.

We’re especially looking forward to both the Easter Adventure Quest at Beeston Castle and also the “Kids Rule! At Beeston Castle in May 2024 and the Hail Hadrian at Chesters Roman Fort and Museum in July 2024!

Bringing History Alive!

On top of everything that we have described, one thing that we haven’t commented on is the educational value! Our daughter is now at an age to really understand what is being presented, and, coupled with school studies it adds a tremendous amount of value.

Visiting both Peveril Castle in the Hope Valley and Beeston Castle was really brought alive for her after she had been learning about motte and bailey castles.

So Is English Heritage Membership Worth It?

Absolutely! Times are tight at the moment, but when it comes to the time for us to be renewing our family membership with the National Trust is a relatively small cost with a huge number of benefits.

So if you have a membership, we hope like us you’ll be able to afford to renew the membership for another year. If you don’t have one, you really must sign up! We appreciate that times can be difficult at the moment, but actually you’ll feel a huge load taken off your shoulders when the kids are pestering you to do something and you don’t feel the pressure of having to spend money on something else!

In the spirit of Let’s Go Manchester, we believe that an English Heritage membership is worth it and is a key that unlocks a treasure chest of experiences.

Still Need Persuading?

Are you still on the fence about whether an English Heritage Membership is worth it?

Let’s cut to the chase: Imagine holding the key to unlocking over 400 of England’s most awe-inspiring historical sites. From the majestic battlements of Dover Castle to the ancient mysteries of Hadrian’s Wall, a world of adventure awaits you.

But this is more than just a ticket to the past. It’s an investment in the future. But is English Heritage Membership Worth It?

Every visit, every exploration, contributes to preserving these treasures for generations to come. And let’s talk about value – with free entry to countless sites, exclusive events, and a plethora of member-only benefits, the membership pays for itself in no time. Think about it: For less than the cost of a monthly streaming service, you can step into real stories, real history, and real

Still pondering? Consider this: An English Heritage Membership isn’t just access; it’s an invitation to be part of something bigger. It’s about standing where history was made, where battles were fought, where kings and queens walked. It’s about making every weekend a new discovery, every holiday an adventure.

This is your moment. Join nearly 1.2 million members who’ve already unlocked the door to England’s captivating history. Don’t let another day slip by thinking about it. Dive into the past, support the future, and make history come alive with an English Heritage Membership.

The question isn’t “Is English Heritage Membership worth it?” but rather “What are you waiting for?”

Join us now and be part of the story. Your adventure starts here.

So why not go ahead and give it a go:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is English Heritage Membership for Seniors Any Different?

Grandparents, we’ve got you covered. Senior memberships offer the same bouquet of benefits at a fraction of the cost.

It’s the perfect companion for those leisurely strolls or when the grandkids come for that much-anticipated visit.

Can I cancel My Membership?

Change of plans? No problem. English Heritage’s hassle-free cancellation policy means you can opt-out at any time, however it is non-refundable, meaning you won’t get your money back!

But trust us, once you’ve tasted the sweetness of expansive gardens and historic castles, it’s hard to say goodbye.

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