An Enchanting Autumnal Goyt Valley Circular Walk along the Peak Canal (2023)

Last week we wrote up our circular walk along the Macclesfield Canal in and around Poynton and Pott Shrigley. This week it was the Goyt Valley and the Peak Canal. Last week was definitely the last day of summer with today marking the arrival of autumn. This weekend, we had a rare occasion without the kids and after suffering from another rainy Saturday, took advantage of the fact that we had no kids.

For that reason we decided to explore a new area that we didn’t know to walk and headed out to Romiley. This small little town is on the edge of Stockport and the Peak District and we wanted to check out the Peak Canal this time and further explore the Goyt Valley – after our recent visit to Marple Bridge.

Disclaimer: As already mentioned, we’ve had a weekend without the kids and so this is the first write up that we have completed following a day out without the kids. However, we have considered all that we normally would and looked at the walk through the eyes of Mila and Sam. But this hasn’t had the tried and trusted kids’ stamp of approval!

Key Points to the Goyt Valley Peak Canal Circular Walk

  • Starting Point: Aldi Car Park, SK6 3NA (although you only have 90mins free parking )
  • Distance: 2 miles / 3.2km
  • Time: Approximately 45 – 70mins (depending upon walking speed)
  • Refreshments Available: Romiley has a great selection of pubs, cafes, delis and restaurants. We headed out in the afternoon so didn’t stop off anywhere however. Just from external appearances however, we loved the look of the dog friendly Duke of York which features a Doggy Dining Bar and the Jackson’s Minced Steak Rag Pudding sounded amazing!
  • Accessibility: The paths around the canal were a little muddy – we have had an incredible amount of rain in recent weeks, but all were easily accessible and cared for with no overgrowth of vegetation. Access to the canal by Aldi is via a series of steps, whilst the exit / entry to the canal near Hyde Bank Farm was down a relatively steep hill. Both of these should be fine for young walkers, but may be challenging for pushchairs / wheelchairs.
  • Wildlife: Disappointingly, all we saw was one grey squirrel and a moorhen!

Nature and Industrial Charm: Walking the Peak Canal

If last week’s walk at Pott Shrigley was an out and out nature wonderland, today’s walk provided us with stark contrast. Today’s walk, shows off a mixture both of Manchester’s industrial heritage thanks to the Romiley Board Mill and the historic railway station, whilst also giving us a reminder of how urban we still were walking through Romiley town centre but also providing us with a great view of the majestic Goyt Valley and River Goyt with views across to the Chadkirk Chapel.

Walking through the Romiley Board Mill which is still in operation – recycling card and turning it into things like toilet roll card inserts and chipboard – you transform yourself and can see yourself working at places such as Quarry Bank Mill. The fact it is still operational is reinforced with signs everywhere saying you must wear hard hats, forklift trucks in operation and an interesting smell – one that I genuinely could not describe.

Insider Tip: As you walk down Oakwood Road there are signs saying no trespassers and dead end. We didn’t encounter anyone and started to turn back, until we bumped into another walker who said you could walk through the Mill and that the entrance to the canal was just on the other side of the mill.

Directions / The Walk

We parked up in the Aldi car park where you can park for free for 90 minutes. From there we turned right onto the Stockport Road / B6104 and headed up to Romiley Town Centre. This gives you a great chance to explore the many cafes, bars and restaurants (although most were shut as it was a Sunday).

The sun shines through the wooded Goyt Valley with the Peak Canal behind us

We continued up along the road, past the train station and under the railway bridge. From there, we turned down Oakwood Road and passed the Romiley Petanque Court. It was very busy and although we didn’t quite feel like we were in Beaune or Carcasonne in the south of France, we certainly enjoyed watching them play. From there we headed down towards the Romiley Board Mill, before getting slightly disoriented (see insider tip above).

Safety tip 2: Whilst walking along the canal, you obviously have the risk of falling into the canal on one side, but on the other is a relatively steep hill down to the Goyt Valley. So due attention is required on both sides.

After passing through the Mill, we took a relatively steep hill down to the canal, on the right hand side. From there, the walk simply follows the canal which is on your right hand side back to the bridge carrying the Stockport Road over the canal.

As you get back into Romiley you start discovering houses that have little jetties and reading areas. It’s quite easy to imagine yourself sat down there, immersed in a book with the sounds of birds chirping in the woodland.

Discover the Beauty of the Goyt Valley and Peak Canal Today!

Our adventures along the Goyt Valley and Peak Canal have shown us the captivating blend of nature and industrial charm that Romiley and its surroundings have to offer. From the historic Romiley Board Mill to the serene stretches of the canal, every step promises a unique experience.

If you’re searching for a blend of Manchester’s industrial history and the untouched beauty of the Peak District, look no further. Don’t just read about it – lace up your walking boots and immerse yourself in the wonders of Romiley! And if you found our guide helpful, make sure to share it with your fellow explorers. Together, let’s uncover the hidden gems of the Goyt Valley.


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