Funky Monkey Coffee Company: The Ultimate Breakfast Haven in Stockport! (2023 Review)

When it comes to food, Stockport is definitely one of the go to areas across Greater Manchester! Whether you’re after incredible Mediterranean cuisine, fabulous family friendly cafes or fine dining. When it comes to a destination for breakfast, then you cannot go wrong with Funky Monkey on Bramhall Lane in Davenport, located just a short walk or bike ride down the A6 (London Road) away from Stockport town centre.

I have an admission to make. I’ve driven past Funky Monkey on my way to work for the last five years, but never gone in. Noemi meanwhile has made it her go to destination when not working and having completed the school run.

That was, until last week! And now I can see why.

Key Features of Funky Monkey Coffee Company

Funky Monkey has definitely embraced shabby chic! Be it looking in from the outside, the graffiti in the toilets or the general decor within the cafe. Originally situated in just the one unit, it expanded into an old trophy shop a few years back due to its growing popularity it is now spread across the two shops

Inside the cafe you immediately feel relaxed – like you’ve walked into your granny’s living room. Thanks partly due to the chilled out decor – you’ll struggle to find more than one item of furniture matching another – but also thanks to the service you receive from the staff. They immediately put you at ease, with their laid back attitude (in a positive way) and friendly and attentive service. The customers are extremely ‘chill’ as well!

Ambiance and Layout

The cafe is spread across two floors, with the majority of the tables on the ground floor and a few tables and the open kitchen spread out over the ‘mezzanine’ level. This lets you see into the kitchen to see what the guys behind are cooking – like with Turquoise in Bramhall, Sam loves watching them cook!

Tables are well spread out with plenty of space in between tables, providing good space for push chairs and high chairs.

Throughout the cafe, you will find various monkeys (unsurprisingly) and lots of ‘merch’. We visited just before Halloween, hence the significant number of skeletons and pumpkins! And the laid back feel doesn’t end in the cafe, head through to the toilets and you’ll be confronted by no end of interesting graffiti!

Grafiti in the toilet of Funkey Monkey Coffee Company

Diverse Menu Offerings

We’ve called Funky Monkey Coffee Company the go to place for breakfast, and without doubt it is the best place for breakfast across Stockport whether you’re looking for something savoury or sweet. And this isn’t just my recommendation. Noemi regularly goes after dropping the kids off at school – it’s also a favourite sport of the other mums.

When we visited, I had the Godzilla breakfast which comes in at an extremely reasonable £12.60. This compares extremely favourably with other local indie cafes as well as national chains – if you were to have the equivalent from nearby Unico Lounge, you’d be paying £14.75. The portions served up were huge, and the mushrooms were seasoned beautifully.

What I was especially impressed with was how happily the staff were to swap things out, for instance I didn’t want any toast, but they happily replaced it with fried onion! Meanwhile, Sam had his usual – scrambled egg with toast, whilst Noemi ‘made her own’ – scrambled egg with tomatoes and fried mushrooms and Mila had a cheese toastie!

But Funky Monkey isn’t just for savoury breakfasts. One of Noemi’s most favourite dishes is the ‘Apple Strudel’ waffle. You can see why!

Apple Strudel Waffle from Funky Monkey Coffee Company

What Sets the Funky Monkey Coffee Company Apart?

You’ll have picked up a lot about what we feel sets Funky Monkey apart from its local contenders. The food, the service and friendly staff! But on top of this, the Funky Monkey Coffee Company isn’t just a cafe, it’s a destination.

They do a huge amount for the local community and for instance, is the setting for ‘The Friendship Cafe‘ hosted by Paula Glass; a group for those who feel anxious about going somewhere on their own. There are also a whole host of other community groups that meet at the Funky Monkey Coffee Company, demonstrating their commitment to being welcoming and inclusive.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

And it’s not just us who loves the Funky Monkey Coffee Company! At the time of writing, Funky Monkey had received over 100 reviews on Tripadvisor, with an average rating of 4.5 stars! In fact, it is actually ranked the number 2 cafe in Stockport

Some examples of recent reviews include:

Fresh food, great staff, lovely atmosphere

Keep meaning to leave a review for this FABULOUS Cafe! Only remembered now when looking at the menu to visit tomorrow for the 3rd time in a month :). The food is sensational, so fresh and delicious..the service efficient, warm and friendly. Great atmosphere and a fantastic local business.

Vicky A – October 2023

Lovely vibe cafe

My first visit here . Absolutely best cappuccino I’ve had for a long time . And lovely fresh scrambled eggs / sautéed mushrooms on toast . Very clean cafe and great staff service . Will return 👍

Fiona S – June 2023

Practical Information

Location and Contact


📍 175 Bramhall Lane, Stockport SK2 6JA

📞 +44 161 477 6044

💻 Website

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday 08:30 – 16:00
  • Saturday – Sunday 09:00 – 16:00

Where Can I Park?

Davenport is highly accessible by public transport, both by buses on the A6 / London Road and the Funkey Monkey Coffee Company located just a few minutes walk from the train station.

However, if you are driving, take note that there aren’t really any car parks near by, with car parking limited to on street parking. There is quite a bit of parking along the village centre, however adopt the principle that if you see a parking space, grab it!

Final Thoughts and Your Next Steps

The Funky Monkey Coffee Company is more than just a café—it’s an experience. It seamlessly blends delicious culinary offerings with a unique and welcoming ambiance, making it a must-visit in Stockport.

Whether you’re a local looking for a new breakfast spot or someone visiting Greater Manchester, this café promises a memorable time.

Don’t just take our word for it; visit and immerse yourself in the charm of Funky Monkey. And while you’re at it, share your experience on social media and encourage friends and family to discover this gem. Every memorable meal is worth sharing!


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2 thoughts on “Funky Monkey Coffee Company: The Ultimate Breakfast Haven in Stockport! (2023 Review)”

  1. Lovely review, and totally deserved.

    I don’t go in that often – maybe once a week? – but they still treat me like a regular. They know my name, my order and I now have a regular table too!

    The staff are all so friendly and cheerful. Just sit and watch and you’ll see someone greet Bob in the corner and ask how his wife is, clear a table in a blink, smuggle someone’s dog a sausage, pull faces at a baby, take an order (encouraging them to spoil themselves!) pop a menu down, check that someone’s food’s ok, give the dodgy speaker a kick, seat a couple by the window, greet a 4 yr old like an old friend and then offer the card machine to the guy lurking by the door in one weird fluid dance.
    It’s the best place I know to just sit and let it all happen round you – and the coffee’s not bad either.

    • Hi Nick, what a lovely message. I only discovered it this half term holiday, although Noemi has been going for a long time. And yes, I’d agree entirely, the food and coffee is amazing, but it’s the staff that make Funky Monkey stand out! Welcoming, approachable, friendly, willing to do whatever it takes to make your visit memorable!

      I’ll have to look (or listen) out for Bob next time I’m there! 🙂


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