Flapjackery: Discovering the Best Flapjack (2024)

The Quest for the Ultimate Flapjack

“What makes a flapjack not just good, but truly unforgettable?” This question haunted us during our holiday in the South West (Bath specifically). Our quest led us to Flapjackery to discover what really is the best flapjack around, a beacon of culinary excellence that redefined our expectations of this classic treat.

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A Brief Encounter with Flapjackery – bakers of the Best Flapjack

In 2015, Carol and Sally asked themselves if they could elevate the humble flapjack. Their journey from a simple question to the creation of Flapjackery has been nothing short of remarkable. Nestled on the edge of Dartmoor, their Devonshire kitchen became a crucible for the best flapjacks we’ve ever tasted. We recently visited Bath staying at the Gainsborough Hotel and discovered the local branch of Flapjackery in Bath.

We loved it!

Flapjackery - the best flapjack around

Why Flapjackery Stands Out for Flapjacks!

Award-Winning Flavours

Flapjackery isn’t just about flapjacks; it’s about an experience. Each flavour, from the traditional to the innovative salted caramel brownie and clotted cream fudge (what more could you expect from somewhere in the South West), is crafted with the finest local ingredients, showcasing their commitment to quality and taste.

Commitment to Natural and Gluten-Free Ingredients

In a world where dietary restrictions are increasingly common, Flapjackery’s gluten-free bakery stands as a testament to their inclusive approach. Their dedication to natural ingredients ensures that each flapjack not only tastes good but feels good too.

A Personal Touch

Flapjackery’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their personalised service. The option to include a free gift message and select a specific delivery day adds a thoughtful touch to each order.

Our Unforgettable and Best Flapjack Experience

Our visit to the Bath branch of Flapjackery was a sensory delight. From the warm welcome to the first taste of their gourmet flapjacks, it was clear that we had discovered something special. The flavours were rich, the textures perfect. Flapjackery has indeed raised the bar.

Flapjackery do indeed bake the best flapjack around

The Community’s Voice: Customer Reviews

With a stellar rating of 4.9/5 from over 3,162 customers, the accolades speak for themselves. Customers rave about the quality, the variety of flavours, and the impeccable service. These reviews reflect a widespread appreciation for Flapjackery’s dedication to excellence.

A Deep Dive into Flapjackery’s Flavours: The Best Flapjacks In the World

Exploring the Flavours

Flapjackery offers an extensive range of flavours, each with its unique twist. The traditional flapjack, with its golden, buttery oats, is a comforting classic. Meanwhile, the adventurous salted caramel brownie flapjack is a perfect blend of sweet and savoury, proving to be a favourite among those with a sophisticated palate.

Seasonal and Special Edition Flapjacks

Beyond their regular offerings, Flapjackery frequently introduces seasonal and special edition flavours, ensuring there’s always something new to discover. Whether it’s a festive Christmas taster box, a spring-inspired lemon and blueberry flapjack or a special Valentines treat, these limited-time offerings add an exciting dimension to their range.

Joining the Flapjackery Family

Expansion and Community of the Best Flapjack

Flapjackery’s journey from a local market stall to opening their seventh shop in Fowey, Cornwall, illustrates their growing community and loyal customer base. Each new shop serves not just flapjacks but a piece of the heart and passion that Carol and Sally pour into their creations.

The Online Flapjackery Experience

Now we’re a Manchester / North West based family travel / days out site. So why have we included Flapjackery here?

Well, we have young kids who love sweet treats. And, now that we’re back home, we can’t make regular visits to Bath each week to experience some of the best flapjacks around! This is where Flapjackery’s online store offers a convenient way to enjoy their delicious flapjacks. The website is user-friendly, making it easy to order your favourite flavours or try something new.

Supporting Flapjackery: Affiliate Disclaimer

As we share our love for Flapjackery’s flapjacks, it’s important to note that our site participates in their affiliate program. This means we may earn a commission on orders placed through our links, at no additional cost to you. It’s a way to support the work we do while enjoying the best flapjacks around.

Why Choose Flapjackery?

Choosing Flapjackery means supporting a business that values quality, community, and customer satisfaction. It’s not just about buying a flapjack; it’s about being part of a story that began with a simple question and grew into a community of flapjack lovers.

Apple and Blackcurrant Yoghurt Flapjack

A Final Thought

Our journey to discovering Flapjackery has been one of delightful surprises, shared moments, and the realization that sometimes, the best things come from the simplest questions. We invite you to explore Flapjackery for yourself and join the growing community of those who have found their best flapjack.

Indulge in the Flapjackery experience and discover your favourite flavour today!


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