Christmas Elf Trail at Bramall Hall: A Magical Journey through Time and Tradition

We love Bramall Hall just on the outskirts of Bramhall. Not part of the National Trust, Bramall Hall is run by Stockport Borough Council and throughout the year runs a series of events for kids (and adults) alike. As you can imagine, Bramall Hall at Christmas is magical! We visited in the summer for a ‘teddy bears picnic’ and this year – at Christmas – they ran an ‘elf trail’.

The stunning Bramall Hall

We got down there today for the very last of the Elf Trail – in fact, we were there for the last hour and the last day – and even though Christmas is long gone, we thought we should try it out!

Cost of Entry for the Elf Trail

The cost of the elf trail was £6.50 per adult and £3.00 per child. Normally you would pay £6.50 for an adult, but entry for kids is free so there’s a slight charge for kids, but we felt that this was reasonable considering the amount of time and resources spent setting up for the elf trail.

bramall hall elf trail

What Is The Elf Trail?

There are eleven elves dotted throughout the house from the historic Plaster Room, through to the Solar Room, kitchens and entrance hall. You have to spot each of these elves (who all have names) and then find their ‘letter’.

Once you have all 11 of the letters you then have an anagram and have to put the clues together to get a Christmas themed word. Embarrassingly, it took us a good few minutes to solve the anagram (they’re not either of our strong point) but we got there in the end.

Along with the elves, there are elf doors located throughout the house which you can find – some of these are quite tricky, even for the adults.

In addition to the elf trail, the house was beautifully decorated! This was actually my first time ever inside the house and it was stunning. It really makes you wonder what kind of lives, people like the Davenports and Nevills – previous occupants of the house had and with the house dressed for Christmas, it truly was magical! All that was needed was some snow for a true Christmas card scene!

In addition to the decorations and elves set up for Christmas, all of the information about the history of the house is available, so if you’re not being pulled along at rapid speed by kids, then you can enjoy reading some of the facts – my favourite has to have been the priest hole hidden away next to the fireplace, to provide Catholic priests somewhere to hide during the turbulent Tudor period!

What Else Is There at Christmas?

For those of you that haven’t been to Bramall Hall, it’s not just about the house. There is a wonderful parkland that you can explore (make sure you bring your own birdfood to feed the many types of duck and geese). Although if you do forget, you can pick some up from the shop.

There is also a fun playground for the kids with a trampoline, some quite challenging climbing apparatus, swings and a young kids play facility.

And of course the Stables for refreshments. We have been quite disappointed by previous visits to the Stables cafe, not because of the food but due to the long wait times – and have written up about this elsewhere. This time around we just had cakes and delicious flapjacks and were served quite promptly.

Next time we go we will have to consider trying out the food to see if it has improved – so stay tuned for future updates.

General Info for Bramall Hall

If travelling to Bramall Hall by car, the mansion and grounds are easily accessible. There is decent parking – approximately 70 spaces – but not huge. If you are heading there on a warm summer’s day at mid afternoon you may struggle to get parked. However, at most other times, you will generally get a space.

There are two car parks, a smaller one, immediately on your left, as you drive into the grounds, and a second larger car park further along. If you can’t get parked in the first – simply follow the road on, and you’ll end up in the car park.

Nearby on street parking is possible, however roads are narrow and can get parked up. If you do decide to park on a side road, please be mindful of residents.

Parking charges are reasonable, especially if you decide to stay for the day:

  • 1 hour – 70p
  • 2 hours – £1
  • 4 hours – £2
  • All day – £3

So Get Down to the Bramall Hall Elf Trail

“Ready to discover the magic of Bramall Hall’s Elf Trail? Don’t miss out on this enchanting experience! Whether you’re solving elfish anagrams or exploring historic rooms decked in Christmas cheer, unforgettable memories await you and your family. Book your tickets today and step into the magic of Bramall Hall this Christmas!


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