Blueys Big Play: A 7 Year Old’s Review

With a 7 and 4 year old in the house, we’re Bluey fanatics – in fact I think I can recite Unicorse off the top of my head. So it should be with no surprise that the announcement that a Bluey live show – Blueys Big Play – was coming to Manchester, has been met with huge excitement in the ‘lets go’ household! So, for one of Mila’s birthday presents we got tickets for the four of us to attend one of the matinee performances at the Lowry Theatre in Salford next August 2024.

Needless to say, with hindsight, I think we made a huge mistake in telling her, because I’m not sure how we can contain the excitement for the next nine months!

Blueys Big Play

We’ve obviously published this article before we’ve seen the show. So the initial guide will be a prospective guide – where to park, when the show runs, where to eat beforehand etc. and the full review will come later.

So from here on, the rest of this guide has been told by Mila, and written by dad, or as I’m generally known in our house, ‘the big grub’!

Mila’s Guide to Bluey

Bluey is all about the Wheeler family, a group of dogs that live in Australia. Bluey is a seven year old puppy and Bingo is her five year old sister so they are just like me and Sammy. Bluey and Bingo can sometimes upset each other but you know they both love each other lots.

My favourite episode is ‘Squash’, where Bluey and Bingo play a game of squash by controlling dad and their uncle. Bingo gets upset because she keeps losing to Bluey, so Bluey loses the game on purpose to make Bingo happy.

Where we Like to Eat

When you book your tickets for Bluey, the Lowry gives you the chance of booking into their restaurant. Mummy and daddy have eaten there, but when I go to Media City I like to go to the Pizza Express in the Lowry Shopping Centre.

Daddy likes going there because he can swap his Tesco points for vouchers to use at Pizza Express, which makes it cheaper.

What Else Me and Sam Like to Do

We love taking our bikes and scooters to Media City. There is a really big open area without any cars there which makes it really safe for us to play. It’s really good because it lets Sam burn off some energy before the show, so he will sit still for the full show.

Where We Park

There’s lots of places to park. There’s a big car park attached to the Lowry Shopping Centre and you can buy a voucher when you book your ticket for £6.50 which lets you park all day. However we usually park in the Media City car park, this is just because it’s a bit less busy and easier to get out. To park at Media City for four hours costs £7. The address for the Lowry’s recommended parking is:

📍Quayside Multi-Story Car Park, Media City, Salford, M50 3AH

And So the Countdown is On

As we eagerly await the magic of ‘Blueys Big Play’, our family is abuzz with anticipation.

This initial guide marks just the beginning of our adventure.

We promise to bring you along on this journey, updating you with fresh insights and experiences after we’ve witnessed the live show with our own eyes.

Stay tuned as we transform this prospective guide into a rich, first-hand account filled with the laughter and joy that only Bluey, Bingo, mum and dad can inspire. Until then, we’ll be counting down the days, embracing the excitement, and maybe re-watching ‘Squash’ a few more times!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is Blueys Big Play?

Each episode of the Bluey TV series lasts for about 8 minutes. Blueys Big Play – the live show is a lot longer and lasts for 45 minutes.

What Is Blueys Big Play?

Blueys Big Play is a live experience where it feels like you are sat in the same room as Bluey, Bingo, mum and dad.

It makes you feel like you get to sit really close to the big characters on the stage and you are part of the family.

How Long Is Blueys Big Play At The Lowry

Blueys Big Play is on at Salford between 31 July 2024 and 11 August 2024.


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