Altrincham Market: Best Family-Friendly Foodie Destination in Manchester? (2023)

If you have young kinds and haven’t found somewhere you feel comfortable taking them whilst also being able to enjoy a ‘foodie experience’, then Altrincham Food Market is the place for you! In fact I’d go as far as to say that Altrincham Market is one of the region’s best foodie destinations. This lively indoor and outdoor market located in the heart of Altrincham, Greater Manchester, offers an exciting mix of cuisines, shops, and activities for visitors of all ages. Read on to learn all about the history, vendors, hours, events and more at this popular local market.

What is the History of Altrincham Market?

Altrincham Market has been a pillar of the community for over 800 years! Records show that a charter was granted in 1290 for a market to be held here. Over the centuries, the market has evolved and changed locations within Altrincham.

The current covered market hall was built in the 1970s after the original market building was demolished. In 2014, Altrincham Market reopened after undergoing a major £3.5 million refurbishment. This renovation introduced new food and retail vendors and created a modern, vibrant atmosphere.

Altrincham Market

Outside, the open-air section has something for everyone. Visitors can find everything from fresh local produce to handmade crafts. Today, the market remains at the heart of this historic market town and has paved the way for significant redevelopment of the town as a whole.

Balshaws Printers, the Original Manchester Travel Blogger

Step into the main entrance of the indoor market and you may notice what appears to be a rather beat up poster stating the ‘Bye Laws’ associated with the Market. Scan further through and you’ll notice that it was printed by Balshaws Printers, based at 16 Kingsway Altrincham.

Aside from being a local printer, it would appear that he was also quite possibly the original lets.go.manchester travel blogger. In fact, Balshaw and Sons was established in 1822 and eventually came to produce annually The Strangers Guide to Altrincham. Modern reproductions are available, however if you would like to see an original copy then you can find one courtesy of the University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library.

What Restaurants are There at Altrincham Food Market?

One of the biggest draws of Altrincham Market is the wide range of eateries and food shops. Foodies flock here to check out the latest culinary trends and sample cuisine from around the world.

Some of the popular restaurants and stalls to check out include:

🥩 Tender Cow
🌮 Eat Picos
🍕 Honest Crust Pizza
🥙 Rubens Mezze Grill
🥧 Great North Pie Co
🍫 Sam Joseph Chocolates
🍺 Jack in the Box
🍷 Reserve Wines
☕️ Market House Coffee

With so many options, you’re sure to find something to satisfy any craving!

Beef and Ale Pie and Chicken and Bacon pie at Altrincham Market from the Great North Pie Co.

You’ll definitely find something for everybody. Noemi who is a coffee fanatic loves the latte’s from Market House Coffee which also sell take home roasted coffee beans to enjoy their coffee at home. Both Mila and Sam love the pizza from Honest Crust Pizza who do the most amazing stone baked pizza – most recently they opted for a safe ‘Margeritta’ pizza whilst we opted for the pies from the Great North Pie Co.

What Days are Market Day at Altrincham?

Altrincham Food Market runs from Tuesday to Sunday with varying hours:
Tues-Sat : 9am-10pm
Sun : 9am-6pm
Mon : Closed

The Outdoor Market (Shopping)
Tues: 8am-3pm
Fri: 8am-3pm
Sat: 8am-4pm
Sun: 10am-4pm

The busiest and liveliest days are definitely the weekends when the outdoor market sellers are open and people tend to come out for the day to the food side. We tend to avoid the market on these days just because it’s more difficult to get a table, and sometimes you do have to wait for quite a while for food if the majority of the tables are taken.

For that reason, we tend to prefer going on a weekday, purely because it’s easier to get a table and the wait for food is not so long.

Is Altrincham Market Good For Kids?


Altrincham Market is an extremely family-friendly destination. There are many activities and attractions to keep children entertained for hours.

  • Kids Activities: There’s a special play area for young kids. There’s a lot of soft toys, masks and various imaginary play toys. There’s a notice that states that all toys and the area are deep cleaned every day. I’ve never seen this happen, but have no reason to doubt it doesn’t. However, I’m sceptical how Peppa Pig and Eeyore soft toys are deep cleaned each day. So depending upon how fussy you are with hygiene, you may or may not want to encourage your kids to this area
  • Outdoor Seating: Lots of outdoor benches, tables, and green space for kids to play.
  • Food Options: Pizza, pies and food stalls perfect for pleasing little appetites.
  • Shopping: Altrincham is quite a decent shopping area with various shops nearby including Waterstones and The Entertainer. We generally end up with two new Mr Men / Little Miss Books each time we come and some new colouring / creative storytime books.

We also enjoy coming to Altrincham Food Market due to the relaxed and open atmosphere of the market place. There are a variety of people of all ages from dating young couples, older retirees young families with new borns all the way to teens and groups of young adults. It’s a wide open space and you certainly don’t feel like you’re being judged (or even noticed) if your child starts being loud.

Altrincham Market is light and open, which makes it really welcoming to young families with kids

Who Runs Alty (Altrincham) Market?

Altrincham Market is co-run by Nick Johnson is the founder and driving force behind the market’s revival and success over the past decade. He had the vision to transform the outdated market into the vibrant, contemporary foodie and shopping destination it is today. He has since expanded to provide a similar foodie environment in Manchester City Centre – Mackie Mayor as well as recently taking over a pub in Haughton, Cheshire

In addition to being locally run, many of the food vendors and traders are local to Greater Manchester or the North West. Being able to offer affordable retail units has allowed startups and independent businesses to thrive at Altrincham Market.

Does Altrincham Have a Christmas Market?

Yes! Alty Market hosts a magical German-style Christmas market each Christmas, typically from late November throughout December. Visitors can browse the wooden chalets selling German themed foods along with handmade decorations, and gifts.

There are also bratwursts, gingerbread, mulled wine, and other traditional foods that get you into the Christmas spirit. Festive lights make it an ideal family-friendly activity for Christmas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Altrincham Market

Are there Any Similar Markets Around?

Yes, probably the closest to the Alty Market is nearby in neighbouring Stockport – about a 30min drive to the east of Altrincham. There is also the locally famous Mackie Mayor in Smithfield Market, Manchester brought to you by the same guys that have set up Altrincham Market.

How Far is Altrincham from Manchester City Centre?

Altrincham is around 8 miles or a 20-25 minute drive from Manchester city centre. It also has a direct line on the tram network to Manchester Picadilliy making it easily accessible.

Map for Altrincham Market

How Far is Sale from Altrincham?

Sale is the next town over from Altrincham, just 2.5 miles away or a quick 10 minute drive.

What other Famous Products are From Altrincham?

Perhaps the most famous food / beverage product from Altrincham that is starting to dominate the local and national food scene is Hip Pop, originating from down the road in nearby Dunham Massey. Bringing a range of gut healthy drinks including Kombucha, Living Soda and Gut Lovin’ Drinks you can now find this in large Sainsbury’s across the country.

Is Dunham Massey Far From Altrincham Market?

No, Dunham Massey country estate and deer park is just a 10 minute, 5 mile drive from Altrincham town centre. This is a great family friendly National Trust property with a range of events throughout the year including its famous Christmas Lights Display

Are Dogs Allowed at Altrincham Market?

Yes, dogs are welcome in the outdoor market areas. The indoor hall does not allow dogs aside from assistance dogs. Always keep dogs on a lead.

Alty Market

Visit One of the North West’s Top Foodie Destinations

So what are you waiting for?

Altrincham Market offers something for all tastes – from fine dining to grab-and-go bites, craft goods to kids activities. The variety of cuisines, relaxed atmosphere, and unique stalls in the outdoor market make it a top destination for both locals and visitors.

Stop by for lunch to try some new foods or spend an afternoon browsing the stalls and exploring historic Altrincham. With regular events and seasonal offerings, there’s always a reason to come back again and again. We hope this overview gives you a glimpse into Manchester’s fantastic Altrincham Market!


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