8 Hours In Great Budworth

If you hadn’t guessed by now, some of our most favourite days involving getting outside in the open, discovering new places, finding amazing country pubs and rounding it off with an ice cream. Well, recently we found Great Budworth, nestled away in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, about an hour’s drive from Manchester and about a 10 minutes’ drive from Northwich Great Budworth is sure to be a hit for your family’s next weekend!

Where Did We Go First?

First up on the agenda when we went to Great Budworth for Noemi was finding Harry Styles’ house! I joke of course. Although on reflection, she was very much on the lookout whilst there!

No, first off was heading to Budworth Mere and Marbury Country Park. This was the first time we’d ever been to this country park and it was fantastic. It’s located less than a mile from the village and you could walk it, however we parked in the large car park located in the south western area of the country park. There is plenty of parking (450 spaces) and you have to pay, but it’s pretty reasonable.

The car park is managed by APCOA so you can either pay using their app, or using cash or card. From 1 April to 30 September parking is £1.50 for 3 hours and £2.50 for 11 hours. From 1 October to 31 March the prices are the same, but bizarrely it’s £2.50 for 8 hours, so the price is relatively more expensive out of season (presumably because of the shorter days)!

Very close to the car park is a great little play area, a little refreshment stand (which also happened to be the only one that we discovered) and The Well Heeled Dog Club, a dog training school run by Mike Flannery. There was actually a class going on as we got there and it looked great! As you can imagine, the country park is extremely dog friendly.

Wild Garlic, Bluebells, Cow Parsley and Buttercups

We soon set off into the woodland and were confronted by a mass of wild garlic, bluebells, buttercups and squirrels. Mila had obviously been learning about some of the flowering plant life as she confidently shouted out all the different plants she could see. We were surprised but promptly picked a huge handful (saving enough for others) to make into a wild garlic and preserved lemon pesto when we got home!

Wild Garlic, Bluebells, Cow Parsley and Buttercups in Marbury Country Park

Budworth Mere

From there we set off to Budworth Mere a huge almost 80 acres in size, yet despite the size of the lake, it is relatively shallow averaging less than 2 metres. From there we had a scenic walk along the lakeside, frequently passing by happy dogs, runners and other walkers. Although we passed a few people, at no point did it feel crowded or that we weren’t able to enjoy the area in peace. Across on the other side of the mere we could see people sailing and a small campsite!

We finished off our walk by heading back to the car park rounding off our circular walk of about 3 miles. By this point we were approaching the end of our 3hr parking and had worked up a healthy appetite. From the mere we headed to the village of Great Budworth which took us about a 7 minute drive!

Great Budworth and George and The Dragon

What can I say, the streets of Great Budworth are narrow! You’ll need to go slowly, be prepared to reverse to passing points and wait for oncoming vehicles! On top of that, we had a horse drawn cart and a wedding to contend with.

A wedding was taking place in Great Budworth whilst we were there

If your plans are to eat in the village, there’s only really one place that you’ll want to go to – the George and The Dragon pub that overlooks the church. Aside from the fact that it is the only place that you can go to! It also happens to be excellent.

We got to the pub just before midday and fortunately managed to get a table outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather – and the wedding. Within half an hour, all outside tables had been taken! So bear this in mind!

Lunch from The George and the Dragon Pub in Great Budworth

I opted for an amazing burger, whilst Sam and Mila both went for fish and chips and Noemi a homemade pate. The food really was on point. We spent a lovely couple of hours in the pub and village. Ever since our visit, I have fantasised retiring to Great Budworth and walking to the pub on Christmas Eve in the snow for a meal before heading home to wait for Father Christmas!

Check back in about 30yrs and see if this page is updated to say that’s what’s happened!

From there we headed on to Great Budworth Real Dairy Ice Cream Farm to finish off our eight hours!

Great Budworth Real Dairy Ice Cream Farm

To round off our visit we’d promised the kids we’d find the nearby ice cream farm. It would have been too far to get to from the village on foot, although it would be manageable on bikes! It also wasn’t the best signed destination on the roads. So get your sat navs set up before setting off.

Great Budworth Real Dairy Ice Cream Farm

To end our day exploring Great Budworth on a sweet note, we stopped by the Great Budworth Real Dairy Ice Cream Farm. After the long walk around Marbury Country Park earlier, we were all craving something cold and refreshing. The ice cream farm is located just a short drive outside the village, set on a working dairy farm. When we arrived, there was a cheerful blackboard out front beckoning visitors to come enjoy fresh ice cream made from the farm’s own milk.

I finally settled on the black cherry, which had big swirls of tart cherry rippling through the velvety vanilla ice cream. The flavour was outstanding – you could really taste the fresh, ripe cherries mixed into each creamy bite. Sam got his usual vanilla, while Mila opted for cool, refreshing mint chocolate chip. Noemi went for the intense chocolate, packed with cocoa flavour in every spoonful.

After getting our cones, we headed outside to the little playground area to enjoy our treats in the sunshine. Sam was climbing and jumping around the equipment like a monkey, working off some of his endless kid energy. Mila shook her head at her silly brother’s antics, more focused on delicately licking up drips from her ice cream.

The Great Budworth Real Dairy Ice Cream Farm was the ideal way to end our family adventure discovering this charming Cheshire village and countryside. If you’re visiting the area, do save room for a sweet, delicious scoop or two!

So Go and Discovery This Idyllic Country Village

Our day exploring Great Budworth and the surrounding countryside showcased everything that makes rural England such a treasure. From the wildflower-filled woodlands of Marbury Country Park to the picture-perfect village architecture to the farm-fresh delights of the ice cream farm, it was a perfect blend of natural beauty, history, and simple pleasures. While the village may fly under the radar, we highly recommend making the trip to discover its charms. The scenic landscapes, fresh air, and laidback village pace are sure to refresh and rejuvenate even the weariest of spirits. Great Budworth exemplifies the idyllic English countryside escape that feels a world away, yet is just a short jaunt from bustling towns and cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Great Budworth?

Great Budworth is a small village located in Cheshire, England. The village has a long history, dating back to at least the 12th century when it was a market town. Today, Great Budworth is home to around 800 people and has several amenities, including a church, a pub, a village shop, a post office and other local businesses.

Where is Great Budworth Located?

Great Budworth is a village and civil parish located in Cheshire, England.

What is the Village Known for?

Great Budworth is renowned for its picturesque and historic architecture, including the St. Mary and All Saints Church, many listed buildings, and its beautiful streetscapes. It has recently set as part of the opening sequence for the townscape for the BBC series, War of the Worlds, when the aliens first attack. It is also known as somewhere that Harry Styles of One Direction fame has called home.

Are There Any Notable Landmarks or Attractions?

Yes, the village has a historic church named St. Mary and All Saints. Additionally, there are many traditional black and white timber-framed buildings which give the village a distinctive character.

What Dining Options are Available in the Village?

Dining options are limited. However, if you can get a table at The George and Dragon then you will not be disappointed. We visited in early May when we had the first great weather of the summer and sat outside watching a wedding in the church opposite from us. If your meal is anything like ours then you will not be disappointed!

How Best to Get To Great Budworth?

Great Budworth is accessible by road. If you’re using public transport, the nearest train stations are in Northwich and Warrington, after which you can take a taxi or local bus to the village.


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